The Gift of a Lifetime: Organ Donation in America

A man waits and wonders if a new heart will arrive. A woman walks without pain with a bone transplant, and a child grows up with a new liver. A mother in the midst of a tragedy helps give life to others through organ donation. These are the stories of lives transformed by the miracle of organ donation and organ transplants. These are the stories of Americans who give and receive The Gift of a Lifetime.

Transplant Journey

Waiting for and Giving the Gift — In this dramatic photo-documentary journey, experience the stories of patients whose hopes rise and fall with each passing day as they wait for organ transplants. Learn how families look beyond their grief in order to give life to others.
Take the Transplant Journey now.

Troy Sanders lifts his shirt so that Dr. Juan Alejos can listen to his heartbeat.

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Faces of Organ Donation

photo of mother and daughter

Experience the real-life stories of donor families and organ and tissue transplant recipients.

Understanding Organ Donation

illustration of human body and organ donation

Explore the Interactive Body, learn about brain death and how organ and tissue donation restores lives.

Educator's Resources

photo of student and teacher learning about organ donation

Use The Gift of a Lifetime in the classroom or join a unique professional development opportunity.


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