The Gift of a Lifetime

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Understanding Donation

Explore in-depth to learn about organ and tissue donation. Be sure to check out the Interactive Body. Learn how one tissue donor can help dozens of other people, or step back in time through our History of Transplantation timeline.

The Interactive Body: Explore the body via this Flash animation and learn about the organs and tissues that can be transplanted.body
image of woman with spine modelbody
Tissue Donation- Restoring Quality of Life: One donor of tissues- including bone, skin, veins, heart valves, and corneas- can help more than 50 people. Learn about the amazing things beign done with donated tissues.body
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The Transplant Waiting List

All patients awaiting organ transplants are on a national list. Learn about the organizations behind the transplant waiting lists and how these lists work.

image of brain scans

Understanding Death
Before Donation

Brain death. Cardio-respiratory death. Non-heart beating donation. Learn why there are different definitions of death and how each affects organ and tissue donation.

image of surgeons extracting marrow cells

Bone Marrow Donation

Donated marrow and stem cells saves lives by curing cancers and other illnesses. There's no danger to the donor, but finding the right donor can be difficult.

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History of Transplantation

Step back in time to learn about the extraordinary dreams and daring efforts that have made today's medical miracles possible.

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Organ Donation and Transplant Statistics

For the latest in organ donation and transplant statistics and waiting list data, link to the Organ Procurement  and Transplant Network website operated by the United Network for Organ Sharing.

Questions and Myths About Donation

Get answers to your questions and the truth about everything from celebrities who receive transplants to what happens if you are in an accident and you have a donor card.

Religion and Donation

Every major religion in the United States supports the donation of organs and tissues for transplants. Find out where your religion stands.

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