The Gift of a Lifetime

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Faces of Donation: A father of two young children. A school teacher. A brother, a mother and a teenage daughter... The people who donate and who receive organs and tissues are not statistics or medical stories. They are everyone we know, everyone we love, and at any moment they could be each of us.

photo of Alicia McFadden and her mother


The courageous people featured here, most of who faced life-and-death decisions, share with us the most intimate, vulnerable moments of their lives, in hopes that in their stories we will somehow find the power and the beauty that comes from helping others through organ and tissue donation.

photo of Gloria Clausen
A Teacher's Bone Transplant Lesson

Facing the loss of her leg from cancer, Gloria Clausen learns a lesson about organ and tissue donation.

photo of Mark DeAngelo
Time Runs Out For Little Brother

Diagnosed with liver failure, Mark DeAngelo waited and hoped for the call for a liver transplant.

photo of Dan Caruso and Kim Montalvo
K is for Kidney

Dan Caruso and Kim Montalvo barely knew each other when he offered to give her a kidney.

photo of Chuck Spangler
Tissue Donor's Everlasting Legacy

Marcy Spangler is grateful she said yes to tissue donation when her husband, Chuck, passed away.

photo of Don Milligan
Track Star, Husband, Father, Heart Recipient

Don Milligan enjoys life today because of a family's decision to donate their teen's organs.

photo of Amy Steiner
Friends You've Never Met

Amy Steiner was known for her giving ways; it was no surprise that she chose organ donation.

photo of Alicia McFadden and her mother
A Second Chance, A Second Time

Alicia McFadden, an energetic teen, had two liver transplants before her second birthday.

photo of Jerry Branch
Back in the Saddle

A childhood injury to Jerry Branch's right eye was corrected by a cornea transplant.

photo of Gloria Savior
Donor Advocate to Donor's Sister

When her brother, Hank, passed away, Gloria Savior's beliefs in donation were put to a test.

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